What's the Value of Social Media?
You've probably done enough research and know that social media statistics throughout the last five years has had an upward linear progression.  And you know more and more people and businesses engage in this now powerful medium.  As one example, you've read stories how some newspaper companies have folded due to lack of sales of their print news.  Other print medias who were savvier, got a presence on the internet and social media sites and started engaging their audiences.  Their print copies may be out of circulation, but they are still thriving by harnessing this global power.

Q. Is your business leveraging the power of social media to its fullest potential?

According to an eMarketer, 2013 statistic, people spend about 43 percent of their media time on digital media - more than print and TV combined. But digital only accounts for 26 percent of media spending.

Acording to a Nelson, 2012 statistic, people are 33 percent more likely to remember a brand when they've viewed ads on both TV and online than just TV alone.

And according to an eCommerce Future, 2012 statistic, 97 percent of purchasing decisions begin online, and those who research online spend on average 33 percent more in store.

According to Pew Research Center, Facebook remains the most popular social media site in 2015 with 72 percent of online adults using it.

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